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Enjoy exploring Ashland on your own or with a knowledgable guide

If you’d like to explore Ashland on your own and want to learn more as you do, we invite you to visit these links that provide you with Story Maps, an online resource that provide way finding, maps, information and resources about various things to explore in Ashland.

Learn more with Story Maps:

Ashland Trees of the Year:

Ashland’s Public Art: 

Ashland Cemeteries:

Lithia Park Guided Trail:

Lithia Park Historic Map Tour:

Little Free Libraries:

Story maps were created by City of Ashland GIS Department 

Walk Ashland offers history, art and public art walking tours of the town. Join the knowledgeable Peter Finkle, as he leads you through Ashland and share the gems of stories that make Ashland's legacy continue to thrive.

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